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2 min readMay 1, 2024


Introducing the Billions.Quest Bug Bounty Program! 🔒

Greetings, adventurers!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Bug Bounty Program for Billions.Quest! Your expertise can help us fortify our defenses and ensure a smooth journey through the world of blockchain gaming.

🐞 What’s the Bounty For?

The Bug Bounty Program is dedicated to uncovering and addressing bugs and security vulnerabilities within Billions.Quest, our stock fantasy game on the blockchain. Your task is to identify any potential weaknesses that could compromise the integrity of our game and its players’ experiences.

🔍 How to Participate:

To report a bug, fill out the Google Form here:

Your submissions will be reviewed promptly by our team.

🏆 Bounty Rewards:

Successful bug hunters can win up to $500 in bounty rewards! The exact payout will be determined based on the severity and critical nature of the reported issue. To ensure transparency and security, we will conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) verification of bounty hunters. Rewards will be distributed in USDT (Tether) directly to the successful bounty hunter’s wallet, as specified during the KYC process. Your participation and contributions are greatly appreciated!

⚠️ Important Reminder:

As our game is currently in beta, we strongly advise users to exercise caution. It’s recommended to create new wallets specifically for interacting with the game and to keep limited funds in them. This precautionary measure ensures minimal loss in the unlikely event of a security exploit.

🎯 Scope of the Program:

Our bug bounty program encompasses the following areas of focus:
1. Compromised user wallets
2. Potential draining of our admin wallet
3. Misuse or manipulation of in-game assets (NFTs)
4. Attempts to alter the rewards algorithm

🚀 Join the Quest:

Ready to embark on this adventure with us? Your contribution to the safety and security of Billions.Quest is invaluable. Let’s work together to make our journey through the digital realm as smooth and secure as possible!

Thank you for your dedication and support,

Billions Team

About BillionsQuest

BillionsQuest is a fantasy game that is built on the Polygon blockchain. It enables players to build portfolios of real, publicly traded companies and compete in daily battles to earn rewards.

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Billions Quest

Billions is a Polygon-based game where players build stock portfolios and compete for rewards through daily battles using real companies.